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  1. The cylinder head bolts shall be tightened evenly and the oil supply time shall be adjusted correctly.
  2, the water tank should be added soft water, and as little as possible for water.
  3, diesel engine should avoid long-term work under overload.
  4. When the engine is working and the water tank is occasionally short of water, it shall not shut off immediately, but shall slowly add water at a low speed. Shall not parking in the engine go after hot and cold water shall be such as after the water temperature below 40 ℃, then drain. Do not add boiling water immediately when starting in cold winter.
  5. Check whether the cooling water holes are unblocked during assembly. Clean the cooling system with alkaline solution regularly to remove scale and oil in time.
  Cylinder is an important part of diesel engine, so the wear of cylinder should be reduced to improve the performance and service life of diesel engine.
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