Zhejiang ruiqing auto parts co., LTD. : what are the causes of early cylinder wear (I)


  (1) the new or overhauled engine is put into operation without strict running-in test, causing early wear of cylinder and other parts.
  (2) long-term overload. Because the engine long-term overload work, causes the engine temperature to rise, the lubricating oil becomes thin, the lubrication is bad, has accelerated the cylinder liner, the piston and the piston ring and so on the part wear. And due to the rise of oil, the reduction of the inflation coefficient, fuel and air ratio imbalance, incomplete combustion, cylinder and other parts carbon accumulation increase, causing cylinder failure, thus accelerating the early wear of the cylinder.
  (3) long idle operation. When the engine captain time idle running, the machine temperature is too low, poor lubrication, incomplete combustion, the production of carbon, accelerating the early wear of the cylinder. And due to the low temperature, the cylinder is easy to produce acid, which corrodes the cylinder, pitting point spalling, causing early wear of the cylinder.
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