Zhejiang ruiqing auto parts co., LTD. : what are the causes of early cylinder wear (III)


  (8) the engine is put into operation without preheating after starting. Because the engine temperature is too low, the accelerator is immediately stepped up, resulting in incomplete combustion, increased carbon accumulation in the cylinder and accelerated cylinder wear.
  (9) engine operation due to illness. Such as connecting rod bending, twisting, loose or too tight with the parts.
  (10) do not pay attention to the selection of lubricating oil specifications.
  (11) "honk the accelerator". Some operators in the machine stop under the throttle, trying to clean up the remaining oil cylinder combustion, in fact, just the opposite, because the throttle suddenly large or small, fuel and air mixture is not uniform, combustion is not complete, the production of carbon, accelerate the cylinder wear.
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