Zhejiang ruiqing auto parts co., LTD. : measures to prevent early cylinder wear (I)


  (1) the new or overhauled diesel engine must go through strict running-in test before it can be officially put into operation.
  (2) regularly check and maintain the air filter, oil filter, diesel filter, make it work in a good technical state, this is to prevent dust and impurities from the air, fuel and oil channel into the cylinder, reduce cylinder wear, extend the service life of an important measure.
  (3) periodically replace the oil in the oil sump, and the added oil must meet the requirements of the instruction. Replacing the oil sump, oil sump cleaning and lubricating oil road carefully, its method is to put metamorphic oil first, with the same number of clean diesel oil, pour into the oil pan, starting the engine, idle running after 3-5 minutes, put clean diesel, then wipe clean the oil pan, cleaning oil filter at the same time, add weight of the oil.
  (4) it is strictly prohibited to start and then add water, otherwise it is easy to make the cylinder suddenly cool and crack.
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