Zhejiang ruiqing auto parts co., LTD. : measures to prevent early cylinder wear (III)


  (11) do not honk the accelerator. The throttle not only causes the deformation of connecting rod and crankshaft, but also breaks the crankshaft.
  (12) operation with illness is strictly prohibited. Should strengthen maintenance, timely maintenance, such as keeping the piston ring gap
  In accordance with the regulations, do not use the piston ring does not meet the requirements, in order to reduce the cylinder carbon accumulation; According to the engine assembly process to check the piston "off-cylinder", if not in accordance with the provisions, should be promptly found out the reason to be excluded; Regularly check the high-speed valve clearance and oil supply advance Angle, so that fuel and air are mixed evenly, combustion is normal, reduce carbon accumulation; When the connecting rod and crankshaft are bent or distorted, they should be corrected in time to ensure that the axial clearance of the crankshaft meets the technical requirements.
  (13) sudden throttle is not allowed during operation. If the throttle needs to be changed due to the change of workload, it should be carried out slowly.
  (14) establish a sense of cleanliness. When maintaining, pay attention to keep the person, tools and parts clean, so as not to bring iron, sand and other abrasive particles into the cylinder and make the cylinder produce early wear
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